Deceased and Residing in Oakland is 99 cents for one week

It’s not enough these days to write a gripping crime novel populated with compelling characters caught up in an impenetrable mystery and delivered with a vivid noir narrative. Now you’ve got to have zombies and you’ve got to have reviews.

Deceased and Residing in Oakland has all of that but for the reviews, and to fix that the Kindle version is only 99 cents from Friday, 8 September to Thursday 14 September.

It’s a genuinely new take on two genres and it’s an excellent read for an Autumn commute or a lazy weekend. It’s normally $2.99 on but for seven days it’s 99 cents, plenty of time to pick up and give it a kind (or at any rate fair) thought on Amazon so other aficionados of American Crime fiction or Zombie fiction or both can know there’s a new kind of crime novel, and you’ve read it.