The Case of the Christmas Cover

In The Case of the Ghost of Christmas Morning, Wodehousian sleuth Anty Boisjoly pits his sardonic wits against another pair of impossible murders. This time, Anty Boisjoly’s Aunty Boisjoly is the only possible suspect when a murder victim stands his old friends a farewell drink at the local, hours after being murdered.

The Case of the Ghost of Christmas Morning is the second Anty Boisjoly mystery, and should be ready to baffle readers by early 2021, but first it needs a cover.

The Christmas Tree Version

The Spooky Version

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The Case of the Canterfell Codicil


The first Anty Boisjoly mystery is available now:

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You can read some excerpts here.

In The Case of the Canterfell Codicil, Wodehousian gadabout and clubman Anty Boisjoly takes on his first case when his old Oxford chum and coxswain is facing the gallows, accused of the murder of his wealthy uncle. Not one but two locked-room mysteries later, Boisjoly’s pitting his wits and witticisms against a subversive butler, a senile footman, a single-minded detective-inspector, an irascible goat, and the eccentric conventions of the pastoral Sussex countryside to untangle a multi-layered mystery of secret bequests, ancient writs, love triangles, revenge, and a teasing twist in the final paragraph.