Reckoning at the Riviera Royale

carnaby-600The one with Anty’s mum

Anty finally has that awkward ‘did you murder my father’ conversation with his mother while finding himself in the ticklish position of defending her and an innocent elephant against charges of impossible murder.

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5stars “Being a mystery reader and a fan of Wodehouse, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful cozy murder mysteries in Fitzsimmons Anty Boisjoly series.

5stars “…hysterically funny and so rapid that I’m going to do some re-reading to be sure I got it right

5stars “If you are or have been or might in the future be a fan of the writing style of PG Wodehouse, then you should immediately purchase all of the Anty Boisjoly Mysteries…Seriously. Read them.

5stars “Highly recommended.

5stars “I can think of no one else who writes with this kind of style any more.

5stars “Great mysteries and wonderful word play with words. 

5stars “Anty is at his most delightful best. He reminds me of PBS’s interpretation of Tommy and Tuppence.

5stars “Such brilliant writing!

5stars “I really enjoy Anty Boisjoly’s breezy banter and cheerful sarcasm.

5stars “I was left breathless.

5stars “Always surprising. Loved it, look forward to his next investigation, I’m hooked.

5stars “The very moment a new Anty Boisjoly mystery is released I immediately grab a copy because this series is just that good.