The Case of the Ghost of Christmas Morning


“Laugh out loud mystery!”


In The Case of the Ghost of Christmas Morning, Wodehousian clubman, flaneur, idler and sleuth Anty Boisjoly pits his sardonic wits against another pair of impossible murders. This time, Anty Boisjoly’s Aunty Boisjoly is the only possible suspect when a murder victim stands his old friends a farewell drink at the local, hours after being murdered.

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5stars “A Literary Lark”

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5stars “You’ll never guess who done it in this delightfully written lighthearted mystery.”

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5stars “Such clever and excellent writing”

5stars “Erudite and funny at the same time. Great characters. Clean and no graphic violence.”

5stars “Country house, murder, and fun!”

5stars “What a great Christmas mystery!”

5stars “I feel like I was taken to the village and the infamous pub from beginning to the great ending. Fascinating characters!”

5stars “More Snappy Wit, Another Impossible Mystery, and One Satisfied Reader!”

5stars “Fun historical mystery”

5stars “Delightful”