The Case of the Carnaby Castle Curse

carnaby-600The Scary One

The ancient curse of Carnaby Castle has begun taking victims again — either that, or someone’s very cleverly done away with the new young bride of the philandering family patriarch, and the chief suspect is none other than Carnaby, London’s finest club steward.

Anty Boisjoly’s wits and witticisms are tested to their frozen limit as he sifts the superstitions, suspicions, and age-old schisms of the medieval Peak District village of Hoy to sort out how it was done before the curse can claim Carnaby himself.

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5stars I just LOVE spending time with Anty!

5stars “I love the wit and humor in this book.

5stars “This was my first Anty Boisjoly novel but it won’t be my last!

5stars “Anty’s back and better than ever!

5stars “Always fun puzzles and patter

5stars “Laugh out loud delight!

5stars “Excellent read and and loaded with mind twisting red herrings!

5stars “Wodehousian wit and Bob Hope cowardice!

5stars “Anty answers all alliterative allegations.

5stars “Great fun to read

5stars “Love these Locked Room Mysteries

5stars “Just Keeps Getting Better!