Mystery Mystery Launch Solved!


Today is launch day for The Case of the Case of Kilcladdich, and the link is live at

Anty Boisjoly travels to the timeless source waters of Glen Glennegie to help decide the fate of his favourite whisky, but an impossible locked room murder is only one of a multitude of mysteries that try Anty’s wits and witticisms to their northern limit.

Time trickles down on the traditional tipple as Anty unravels family feuds, ruptured romance, shepherdless sheep, and a series of suspiciously surfacing secrets to sort out who killed whom and how and why and who might be next to die.

One thought on “Mystery Mystery Launch Solved!

  1. I downloaded the Kindle book immediately upon receiving this update. I love listening to the Anty books on Audible when they are released that way but reading each line of the ebook is an even greater experience. This way I can relish each carefully nuanced witticism.

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