Anty Boisjoly Special Reserve

kilcladdic-600In Anty Boisjoly’s sixth mystery, he travels to the timeless source waters of Glen Glennegie to help decide the fate of his favourite tipple, a diplomatically delicate deed at the best of times, further complicated by not one but two impossible locked room murders.

All Anty Boisjoly Mysteries are stand-alone stumpers, but there’s usually a subtle surprise or two for those familiar with the series. In the case of the Case of the Case of Kilcladdich, we take a cheeky peeky at the tortured origins of Glen Glennegie, the primer of preference for generations of Boisjolys that makes an appearance in every book. Indeed, Anty finds himself in the northern reaches of Scotland filling his late father’s role on a jury of Glen Glennegie connoisseurs, a duty which positions him between two feuding families and rival distilleries when animosities literally explode.

The Case of the Case of Kilcladdich is scheduled for release early in the second week of May. This page will be updated the moment we have a specific day, and if you’d like to be alerted before the media gets hold of it, why not sign up for the very rare and always relevant Anty Boisjoly newsletter?

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